Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not So Sweet Halloween Treats

Every year I am dismayed at how much candy my kids bring home from school on Halloween.  Trick or treating yields plenty of sweets in our house- enough for my kids to have a piece or two and then I gobble up the rest.  I am always trying to think of non-sweet goodies to send to school on Halloween, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc.  This is what we did this year. 
I made up these little cards for D and printed them on card stock.  She colored in each one...
and we attached it to this little tissue paper bundle...
 filled with a little individual Play-Doh.  I think I found these at our local supermarket this year, but I have bought them at Wal-Mart, too.
For I's friends I printed up these cards, and we cut slits for glow stick bracelets (from the Target dollar section.)  I thought I had enough for two sticks for each kid, but I must have lost some along the way

 I used two fonts: Halloween Spider for the lettering, and MTF Sweet Halloween Dings for the little pictures.  I loved all of the images in this font- it was hard to pick just a couple.  Here is the whole set:


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