Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Stocking Stuffers

Now that M's stocking is done, I need fun things to fill it up! As our third born the kid needs and wants for nothing, but I thought of a couple crafty things to tuck inside. New (old) bibs and pacifier clips. Tutorials are found below...

Pacifier Clip Tutorial

These are so easy, you could whip up a bunch really quick.
1. You need one suspender clip, a bit of Velcro, and a length of ribbon. I got this grosgrain ribbon at Hobby Lobby- brown with green dots on one side, plain green on the other. I cut my ribbon to 12 1/2 inches...2. Tucking in the raw edge, I sewed one end to the suspender clip using a straight stitch. you could use a sewing machine, but I think hand sewing is just as fast if not faster...3. I finished off the other end the same way- folding twice to cover up the raw edge...4. Sew bits of Velcro onto the ribbon using a straight stitch...5. And that's it! No more picking up pacifiers off the floor every two seconds. Hooray!

Old T-Shirt into Bib Tutorial

I have a big stack of old clothes that are waiting to be turned into something fun. First project- drool bibs for M.
1. I started with this T-shirt......and some old pj pants of my son's.2. Using a bib I already own, I traced a bib outline onto the T-shirt in disappearing ink. I made it a bit longer to use more of the T-shirt design...3. Cut out bib...4. I cut out the neck and arm holes to use as edging...5. Using a large basting stitch, I sewed the edging onto the right side of the bib with the finished edge facing in...6. I placed bib right side down onto backing fabric, pinned and cut out backing...7. Next I sewed the front to the backing leaving a small opening to turn bib right side out.
8. After turning out, I sewed the opening close with a slip stitch.
9. I sewed small metal snaps on the ends. You could use Velcro dots too...10. And here's the finished bib! Front... ...and back.M is on the verge of cutting teeth, so there's lots of drooling to come...

Christmas Crayon Roll

I made several of these crayon rolls for the craft fair. Isn't it cute? I want to put this one in my daughter's stocking- I'm just trying to figure out how to convince her it's from Santa and not Mommy! I think it'll be great for coloring in the car during our road trip after Christmas.
I looked at several tutorials online... I like this one from Skip to my Lou. This one from V and Co. is very clever with the hair elastic and button as a closure. As you can see I used a ribbon to tie it up, and I skipped any flannel lining or interfacing. I used this fabric from Hobby Lobby. I LOVE it! Owls plus Christmas-too much fun!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Felt Guitar Christmas Stocking

I finished the Christmas stocking for M last night. Just in time for filling with fun Christmas treats...
We do not have a fireplace or a mantel, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to hang our stockings. I hung them on our IKEA shelving up where the kids can't mess with them. Our stocking hangers are actually picture frames. My next project is to get fun pictures of each of us up there. I only have six hangers so our pets have to share a hook now...

Craft Bazaar Success

So I'm counting last weeks craft bazaar as a success! It was the first time it was held, so I was a little nervous about the traffic. I had a fair amount of customers and a good response to my items. Actually I was most nervous about leaving my three month old for the whole day, but he did awesome. My husband is a rock star for taking all three kids. Now I am busy listing items that didn't sell on my Etsy shop and doing my own crafting for the holidays!

Etsy Shop

I'm listing items in my Etsy shop again. Woo hoo!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Craft Bazaar

Crafting madness! I've been sewing and stitching like crazy for weeks now to get ready for a holiday craft bazaar tomorrow. Hoping all goes well! If you live in the Durango area come and see me at the Main Mall from 9-4. I have tons of fun things for little ones!
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