Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cord Skirt for Fall

I've been holding onto this fabric for awhile, wanting to do somthing fun for D with it. It's a baby wale corduroy, so a skirt for fall seemed appropriate. My first attempt ended up too long, so I had to chop off the top. The second try turned out much better.

Felt Barrette Cover Tutorial

So here's my first go at a tutorial. Let me know what you think!

Cut out all your pieces. You need a top, a bottom, and any embellishments.

Make sure your top and bottom pieces are the same size, slightly larger than your metal barrette. Attach embellishments using embroidery floss. I think the simpler the better, then your embellishments aren't getting in the way when you sew the cover together. (For this barrette I used French knots to attach the flowers.)
Cut your bottom piece in half where the barrette will hinge.
Using a running stitch, sew the longer bottom piece to the top piece. Make sure to hide your knot in between the top and bottom pieces for a clean look.
Once you have stitched all the way around the bigger bottom piece, reverse your running stitch to finish attaching the piece.
Slip your metal barrette between the top and bottom pieces.
Attach the smaller bottom piece using a running stitch.Pay close attention to to the top of the barrette so your running stitch misses your embellishments.
Finished piece from the bottom.
Finished piece from the top.

Happy crafting!

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