Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween Folks!

The kids always get plenty of sweets tonight so I like to give out something without sugar to their classmates.  This year we did glow sticks!  D helped me design these cute cards, then colored them in by herself. The font is MTF Sweet Halloween Dings.  Her fonts are the cutest!

My crafty girl cut them all out and punched them, too.

Then we attached them to the glow sticks.

I's chalkboard style cards for this year.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Woodland Tooth Fairy Pillow

D came home with a missing tooth recently!  I was planning on whipping up her tooth fairy pillow when her first tooth got loose, so I was a bit unprepared by her sudden lost tooth.  Thankfully the Tooth Fairy held off visiting D until I was able to get around to making her pillow.  Here's how it turned out.
I had been saving this fabric for something fun.  A tooth fairy pillow fits the bill, don't you think?  The small pocket in the front is for her tooth...

A little simple embroidery for her name...

A larger pocket on the back side so the Tooth Fairy can leave her receipt...

Now we are ready for the rest of her teeth to come out!
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