Saturday, December 1, 2012

Felt Jesse Tree Ornaments

Last year my friend Mandy posted her beautiful set of Jesse tree ornaments on her blog, Everything Beautiful.  They are truly gorgeous, don't you think?  This year in my continual attempt to bring more meaning into Christmas I shamelessly copied her ornaments for our own little Jesse tree.  I thought briefly about trying to come up with my own Advent tree curriculum and ornaments, but it made my head hurt.  Thanks to an early Thanksgiving I had a whole week to whip these up, and now on December 1st I am almost done. 
Here's my version of the first six...
Day 1: The World - symbolizes Creation - read Genesis 1
Day 2: Apple and Snake - symbolizes the Fall - read Genesis 3
 Day 3: The Arc and the Rainbow - symbolizes Noah - read Genesis 6:9-8:22
 Day 4: The Camel and the Tent - symbolizes Abraham - read Genesis 12:1-7

Day 5:  The Lamb - symbolizes Isaac - read Genesis 22:1-18

Day 6: The Ladder - symbolizes Jacob - read Genesis 28:10-22
I will post the rest after I finish them up, hopefully soon! 
In reading a bit about Jesse Tree/ Advent traditions on the Internet I found that the Jesse Tree is actually an older tradition and there are a lot of variations of the theme of following the lineage of Jesus through out Advent. 


Marci said...

Love! You did a great job... you and felt are amazing!

kathrynellen said...

wow.... I love these! I'm speechless... they are so cute!

matt & sarah said...

Thanks Kathryn!

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