Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jesse Tree cont.

So here is my Jesse tree setup.  Actually I used three little trees that I picked up from my mom in her massive Christmas decor downsizing.  I think she got them from Hobby Lobby.
As you can see I put a bit of a woodland theme spin on it.  The felt mushrooms were a quick addition...
This is a reindeer my husband made when he was kid- he never wants to pull it out with the Christmas decorations, but I think he is super cute.  So he is living in our little woodland tableau...
 Each Jesse tree ornament is wrapped in it's own lidded box.  I wrapped the lid and the bottom separately so the kids don't actually unwrap any of the boxes, they just slip off the ribbon and open the box.  That way we can reuse all the boxes again next year. 

We've been reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible for as many of the ornaments as we can. 
Here's the list of the readings we are using:
Day 1: World - "The beginning" p. 18
Day 2: Apple & snake - "The horrible lie" p. 28
Day 3: Arc & rainbow - "A new beginning" p.38
Day 4: Camel & tent - "Son of laughter" p. 56
Day 5: Lamb - "The present" p. 62
Day 7: Colorful coat - "The forgiving prince" p. 76
Day 8: Ten Commandments - "Ten way to be perfect" p. 100
Day 11: Slingshot - "The young hero and the horrible giant" p.122
Day 15: Crown & dove - "Operation 'No More Tears'" p. 144
Day16: Sheppard crook - "The Good Sheppard" p. 130
Day 17: The Cross - "Operation 'No More Tears'" p. 144
Day 20: Fiery furnace - "Daniel and the scary sleepover" p. 152
Day 21: Brick wall - "Get ready!" p. 170
Day 24: Angel - "The Light of the whole world" p. 184
Day 25: Nativity - "He's here!" p. 176


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