Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old T-Shirt into Bib Tutorial

I have a big stack of old clothes that are waiting to be turned into something fun. First project- drool bibs for M.
1. I started with this T-shirt......and some old pj pants of my son's.2. Using a bib I already own, I traced a bib outline onto the T-shirt in disappearing ink. I made it a bit longer to use more of the T-shirt design...3. Cut out bib...4. I cut out the neck and arm holes to use as edging...5. Using a large basting stitch, I sewed the edging onto the right side of the bib with the finished edge facing in...6. I placed bib right side down onto backing fabric, pinned and cut out backing...7. Next I sewed the front to the backing leaving a small opening to turn bib right side out.
8. After turning out, I sewed the opening close with a slip stitch.
9. I sewed small metal snaps on the ends. You could use Velcro dots too...10. And here's the finished bib! Front... ...and back.M is on the verge of cutting teeth, so there's lots of drooling to come...

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