Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cars Party 2.0

M is crazy obsessed with Cars, so when it came time for his 2nd birthday a "Pa-Chow" (Lightning McQueen) and "May-May" (Mater) party was a given.  Fortunately I was able to reuse a lot of things I had used for I's two previous Cars parties. 
Even though I swore I wouldn't do it again, I made a Lightning cake using a molded cake pan.  It went a lot faster the second time around.  Apple cars with blueberry wheels (thank you Pinterest) were a hit. "Dipsticks" - chocolate dipped pretzel sticks were another Pinterest find...

I reused the checkered flag birthday sign, but replaced I's name with M's.  Though they were a little tedious to put together, I really liked how the Lightning and Mater printables turned out.  Find them here and here from  From the table I decorated with a yard of checkered flag fabric, orange cones (that we use for soccer practice,) and a movable road I made by cutting up a piece of black poster board and white tape for middle of the road dashes.  We pulled out ALL of our Cars cars for the kids to play with M's new twisty track.

The kids have all requested pinatas this year, so I am learning how to make pinatas!  This checkered flag was my first attempt.  I was inspired by this paper bag tutorial for my checkered flag pinata.  Unfortunately I doubled up on the bags because I used small lunch bags that I thought where too thin to handle a pinata beating.  We ended up having to cut into the pinata to get the candy out after the kids  beat on it for quite awhile.  My next pinata was more successful, but that's a different post.
Cars fun was had by all!  Dad-gum!

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