Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny, tiny Tie

I wanted to make a necktie for my son to wear for Easter this year and some upcoming weddings we are attending. I tried this tutorial/pattern from Ottobre Design. The directions were pretty easy to follow (once I really concentrated... what happens to your brain when you get pregnant???) and it came together quickly except for turning it right side out. The pattern says for ages 4-7, but mine turned out super tiny- definitely not big enough for my 4 year old. That's why mine was so hard to turn out- it was SO skinny. Needless to say, my son can't wear the necktie. Most likely it will be used for teddy bear/ doll dress up clothes.

Does anyone have a necktie pattern they like? I ended up buying a tie on Etsy, but I'd still like to try making one.

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