Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crafting Hiatus

I'm back from my crafting hiatus! Not that I was intending to take one. I am pregnant with #3 (yeah!!!) and have been really sick- so sick I couldn't even do any crafting! In my world that is really sick. It has been a LONG 3 months, but I am finally feeling a little bit better and I'm ready to get my life back. I have tons of projects bouncing around my head... hopefully I'll be posting a lot soon!
Here's a project I finished in January before the nausea set in. I got this book for Christmas- One Yard Wonders. It is awesome! Over 100 sewing projects using just one yard of fabric- perfect for my fabric stash.
This is the first thing I tried- a carry basket for baby dolls. It came together really fast and turned out great! Instead of using it for her dolls, D uses it when she goes "grocery shopping" with her play food. Pretty cute.

More one yard projects coming soon!

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ellzabelle said...

I'm SO glad you're feeling better. I've been thinking of you! Maybe MOPS on Tue? Want to catch up soon and form a crafting group of fun girls-interested? Ellen

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