Saturday, September 13, 2014

Monster Truck Birthday Party

This little boy loves monster trucks!  So we had to do a monster truck party for his fourth birthday!
The timing for this party was really crazy for our family, so I didn't get in all the details that I had hoped, but things mostly came together pretty well.
Food and decorations:  I kept the food super simple, and since M is my pickiest eater there weren't any special requests for his party.  We ordered pizza and served pretzels, goldfish, fruit and orange punch.  The decorations were mostly steamers, curling ribbon, and balloons in black, white, silver, and orange.

The monster truck tire cake!  I blatantly copied this from something found on Pinterest.  I had never worked with fondant before, so the result was pretty good considering.  I was a little disappointed how little it looked like the "inspiration" photo, but M loved it and the kids all ate it so all was good.

D made this amazing drawing for her little brother to hang up for the party!  The monster truck is delivering the birthday cake.  She let M help her color and paint it, too.  What a great big sister!

For the table I let the kids "paint" a big piece of butcher paper with some of M's monster trucks to make "tire track art."

Party favors:  Everyone got a trucker hat on the way in and a goody bag on the way out.

Bags included fun packs of crayons, a bouncy ball, stickers and bubbles.  I meant to print out coloring sheets to put in with the crayons, but they never quite made it.  I ended up sticking them in the thank you notes.

I ordered mini monster truck pins to put on the hats.  I also bought fabric markers and was planning to have the kids decorate their own hats, but we never got to it.

Games:  Rocket balloons and an obstacle course that involved maneuvering in these tire inflatables and monster truck bowling.  M requested pin-the-bumper-on-the-monster-truck, but I couldn't make that happen either.  Ugh!  We played it just the two of us the other day to make up for it. 

A special day and a special party for a special boy!

All ideas came from pinterest, none original to me and too many to credit.

Striped gift bags: Layer Cake Shop
Trucker Hats:
Mini Pins: Distinct Designs Unlimited (on Etsy)
Tire Inflatables: Walmart
Cups, plates, etc: Walmart
Monster Truck Stickers, bouncy balls, bubbles: Walmart
Crayon Packs: Target
Checker flag streamers: Hobby Lobby

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