Saturday, August 2, 2014

Paint Chip Wall Art

Our entryway gets a lot of intense afternoon sun and the artwork I hung up here eight years ago is super faded.  I suddenly decided I needed something cheap, easy, and fast to replace my faded print- enter paint chip wall art.
I did have to purchase the frame- you can't go wrong with IKEA (unless you are trying to replace kitchen cabinet hinges, but that is another story!)

Why do I have hundreds of paint chips in a shoe box?  Doesn't everyone?  Mysteries if the universe.  I had plenty of samples on hand to fill my fairly large frame.  Most of them came from when I was trying to pick a new front door color, so the colors work well in the entryway.
A paper cutter makes quick work of turning the paint chips into parallelograms-  a lot of them.  I just used a glue stick to glue them to the paper that came with the frame.
Insert into frame.  Done.  Not as easy as just framing a poster, but pretty easy.  I was not very precise while cutting my shapes out and the end product is more sloppy than I hoped.  Not bad from far away, but up close I want it to look cleaner.  I might redo this project... someday.  Also, I hung it on the nail from the previous artwork and I think it needs to be moved, but for now it will live here just fine.

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