Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dining Room Before and After

Way back in January I felt the need to redo something.  I think I needed a new room for the new year.  So I went to work updating the dining room.
Here is the before (staring Mozie, the handsome cat).  Our dining room chairs were really beat up and blended in too much with the table and buffet.

The curtains were a grey-green chenille that had seen much better days...

 So time for a new color- it only took me five months to paint all six chairs.  I couldn't find a spray paint color I liked so I ended up painting each one by hand.  I love how the green contrasts with the buffet table.

And new brown/cream rugby stripe curtains.  I looked everywhere to buy these instead of having to sew them, but I never found anything close to what I wanted.  They were actually easier than I thought they'd be and the stripes match up when I close the curtains.  Success!

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