Sunday, March 31, 2013

Knit Princess Dresses

 Delia has two beautiful princess dresses my mom has made over the past several years (see them here and here.)  Since we will be meeting Rapunzel and Merida at Disneyland(!) next week I thought about letting her wear them to the park, but I'm worried about her being uncomfortable or ruining the dresses.  So I made these play dresses for our days at the parks.  I borrowed heavily from these dresses at homemadebyjill and crafterhours
The Belle dress- I used two XXL men's t-shirts for the entire dress, making it long in the bodice so she can wear it for awhile.


The Sleeping Beauty dress- I just added the white collar to a pink t-shirt D already had (cut from an old white shirt I had on hand.) The skirt is made from a women's pink t-shirt and the light pink overlay is an old t-shirt of mine.

The Snow White dress- again, I just modified a t-shirt from D's closet with sleeves made from old t-shirts and some yellow ric-rac.  The skirt is made from leftovers from the Belle dress.
D is ready to meet some princesses in royal style... and comfort!

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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

what a great idea to use knit!

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