Friday, January 7, 2011

Crotcheted Owl Hat for Baby (and other knit projects)

Winter makes me want to knit and crotchet and make fun snugly things. It has been REALLY cold here, so these projects for the kids were born. I took apart some old hats and scarves I made several years ago that I never really wore and used the yarn again.
Owl beanie for M-
I needed something without a pom-pom on top because those hats always side down over his eyes in the car seat. This started out at a regular hat and then I decided to add the owl. He's a little lopsided- I think it adds to the handmade-ness: Pink knit scarf with pinwheel flowers for D-
I really am not much of a knitter, but scarves are fun and easy. She needed something to keep her neck warm when I pulled her crazy hair up:Knit hat for I-
I don't really like the way this turned out, so I will probably pull it out and start over again. He has been asking for a Broncos hat and, really, what am I going to do with blue and orange yarn?

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