Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ballerina tutu

I decided that D will be a ballerina for Halloween this year. I have been searching for the perfect tutu on etsy to buy for her birthday coming up, but then decided to try and make one myself after spying some tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby. It came together faster than I thought it would. I sewed a length of fairly wide elastic to fit her waist, then tied lengths of tulle and satin ribbon around. I thought about sewing the tulle instead of tying it, but I'm lazy and wanted to sit in front of the TV to do it. It seems pretty sturdy for playing dress up for awhile, but we'll see how it holds up.
**** I just found a tutorial on how to make a tutu that is pretty much exactly how I did it. I guess I wasn't too crazy when I was making this up. You can see the tutorial here

1 comment:

Alison, Jake & Addison Bean said...

I found you through Stephanie's blog. I love your crafty projects! Especially the felt food. How did you do that? I'd like to make some.

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