Thursday, July 30, 2015

Peacock Birthday Party

This beautiful young lady is obsessed with peacocks so we had a glittery, feathery peacock birthday party last year.
 Chalkboard art for the party...
Invites:  D helped me stamp peacock feathers on a set of packaged cards.
I went to town with tableware and decorations in blues, greens, purples and gold.
Peacock blue Hawaiian Punch.
Even the veggies looked like a feathered friend.
Party games: Pin the Feather on the Peacock.  My talented mother whipped this up last minute for D's party.  Incredible!
D asked me to do a little mehndi as a party activity.  Probably not the best idea for this age group (six and seven year olds) as it was hard to stay still while the henna dried.  The girls all loved it, though, especially planning out their personal designs.
Take aways:  Peacock pails
Hand stamped M&M packs
and peacock masks!
Pretty peacock girls!
Blue edged packaged cards: Michael's
Feather stamp, glitter "feather" picks: Hobby Lobby
Most paper tableware, BonBon nail polish: Walmart
Mehndi cones:  I got mine while we were in India last year.  You can find similar ones at Amazon like these
Gold cups, teal buckets, crayon pens, glitter notebooks, Mardi Gras masks: Oriental Trading
Special color M&Ms: Fuzziwig's Candy Factory

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