Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soft Baby Blocks

Blocks for baby M. One side spells out his first name in embroidery, the opposite side spells out his middle name.


ellzabelle said...

Beautiful! How do you have time for this??? Will I see you Tuesday?

Mandy said...

Hi Sarah! I was wondering if you get your felt from Felt O Rama...the source listed on your blog? What kind do you buy, if so? I really like the price of the recycled stuff.


matt & sarah said...

Hey Mandy- What is your e-mail? You can write me at

kirstin & jordan said...

hello there! I was so glad to find your blog through your comment on ours. I graduated from farmington high school and durango is one of my very favorite places! :) so fun that y'all are living there.
oh, and our littlest one piper jane was born just around the same time as miles (august 8th is her birthday). :)
anyhow, fun to *meet* you over the internet!
kirstin @ kojodesigns

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