Sunday, May 2, 2010

Knit Shirt

I made a shirt... I am so proud of myself! Looking at the picture I'm sure it doesn't look too impressive, but I was expecting a bit of a disaster so this was a pleasant surprise. I haven't really worked with knits before and have read that they are hard... I thought it wasn't bad.
For the pattern I took apart a shirt from my closet that I love, but the fabric has pilled horribly. For my new shirt I used a $1 remnant of stripe knit from Walmart- I didn't want to spend too much money on this experiment. I made it extra long and to accommodate for my growing belly and long torso. I think it turned out cute! I'm definitely going to make another one to work out some kinks, maybe in a more flattering solid.

1 comment:

ellzabelle said...

Very impressed! Looks great!!! I just did my first LBB dress for Paige today with knits. I too am intimidated and inexperienced with them. I'm putting pics on my blog. Your shirt is GREAT!!!!

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