Sunday, February 10, 2008

Delia's new dress

I finally finished off this dress I made for Delia. You can't tell from the photos, but the fabric is a baby-whale corduroy- it is so cute! I'm thinking of making a dress out of it for Melissa (one of my dolls I had growing up that now lives in Delia's room), too.


Kristina said...

Sarah, that dress is soooo cute! How fun that would be to have a matching dress. They sell for good money, you know! Love your blog title :) So descriptive of you!

Angela said...

I love it! And, I love the blog! I'm SO adding it to my fav's. I feel so honored that I inspired something! Wowza! ;)
Hey. Move to Broomfield with us, k? We'd have a blast... All 10! of us! (Can you believe we'll have 4 kids!?)

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